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08/06Malak Olamaie (Cambdrige)Constraining galaxy-cluster masses with multi-waveband observationspdf 
25/04Oliver Grimm (Zurich)STIXpdf 
13/03Venus Keus (Helsinki)CP violating scalar Dark Matterpdf
14/02Christian Gross (Helsinki)Dark matter from hidden gauge groupspdf
01/02Manuel Hohmann (Tartu)PPN parameters in Bimetric Gravity1701.07700
19/01Carlo MarzoA beyond the Standard Model journey with Renormalization Group methodspdf 
17/01David Navidad MaesoCompetition success and emerging diversity in disperal-structured populationspdf 


26/10Laur Järv (Tartu)Phenomenologically equivalent models of inflationpdf1605.07033
26/10Mihkel Rünkla (Tartu)Invariant slow-roll parameters in scalar-tensor theoriespdf1605.07033
26/10Ott Vilson (Tartu)Invariant quantities in scalar-tensor theoriespdf1411.1947, 1509.02481, 1509.02903
04/10Kevin CrokerA Smolin-like branching multiverse from multiscalar-tensor theorypdf1609.03159
03/10Joaquim Matias (Barcelona)Flavour anomalies in b → sll: where we are and what's next?pdf1209.1525, 1307.5683, 1407.8526, 1502.00920, 1510.04239, 1605.03156, 1609.01355
28/09Sean FraserAnomalous Higgs Yukawa Couplings from Radiative Masses and Related Phenomenapdf1402.6415, 1408.4785, 1409.1162, 1511.07458, 1511.06375, 1603.04778
19/09Ville VaskonenDark matter and baryogenesis in Higgs portal modelspdf1407.0688, 1601.07733, 1604.02401, 1606.00192, 1607.03303
01/09Emidio GabrielliThe Dark side of the Flavorpdf1310.1090, 1405.5196, 1503.05836, 1603.01377, 1607.05928
04/04Tommi Tenkanen (Helsinki)Observational Properties of Feebly Coupled DMpdf1506.04048, 1601.07733
07/04Angnis Schmidt-May (Zurich)Non-linear theories for massive spin-2 fieldspdf1512.00021
12/04Marco Cirelli (Paris)Minimal Dark Matter - reloadedpdf0512090, 1407.7058, 1507.05519


13/02Antonio RacioppiInflation and CMB polarizationpdf0811.3919
10/03Marco PatriarcaNegative probabilities in QMpdf 
17/03Marieke Postma (Nikhef)Framing Higgs inflationpdf1207.6963, 1310.2157, 1407.6874
20/03Christian VeelkenHiggs Run IIpdf
26/03Sami Nurmi (Helsinki)Higgs dynamics in the early universepdf1407.3141
27/03Mads Frandsen (Odense)
24/04Thomas Schwetz (Stockholm)Halo independent methods for DM detectionpdf1410.6160
28/04Genevieve Belanger (LAPTh)Supersymmetric dark matter after LHC run1
21/05Matti HeikinheimoDark plasmapdf1504.04371
09/06Alessandro Mirizzi (DESY)Axion dark matter
15/09Edward Hardy (Oxford)Nuclear Dark Matterpdf1411.3739, 1504.05419
17/09Stefano Di ChiaraA minimal model for SU(N) vector dark matterpdf1506.03285
05/10Sergei D. Odintsov (Barcelona)Early-time and late-time accelerating universe from modifi ed gravitypdf1 pdf21305.4231, 1309.1978, 1403.6649, 1408.3561
20/10Adam Falkowski (Orsay)Model Independent Constraints on BSM Physicspdf1411.0669, 1503.07872, 1505.00046, 1508.00581
20/10Valentin Khoze (Durham)Titleslidesarxiv
03/11Emidio GabrielliSearch for dark photons at colliderspdf1310.1090, 1405.5196, 1503.05836
19/11Federico UrbanCosmic Rays, Magnetic Fields, and Rotation Measurespdf1404.5890, 1504.06546, 1511.01333, 1511.02103


23/9Andrew FowlieCMSSM vs CNMSSM: Which is most natural?pdf1407.7534
8/10Antonio RacioppiInflation and classical scale invariancepdf1412.2983
5/11Matti Heikinheimo & Christian SpethmannGalactic center gamma-ray excess in the dark technicolor modelpdf1410.4842
16/12Kristjan KannikeInflation: A Reviewpdf 

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